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I know this is a no brainer, but I have to share.


When you book with me, I make sure that I come completely prepared to serve you as your Photographer. When I do photograph my clients, I focus on even the smallest of things and they do appear in your portraits.

You'll have these portraits for a life time. Your portraits may even be featured on this site.

So to be prepared for a session
with me, please take these tips into consideration :-).


-For on location sessions, the weather can play a major part in your appearance in the portraits. Especially in sunny Florida. So to stay free of prespiration,
bring a face sponge and/or lint free cloth.


-Everything is special, big or small. Please make sure that not only your make up is on fleek, but also! Make sure your nails are done :-).

This preperation will help big time in making sure you are looking your very best in your portraits.


-Moisturizer, I cannot stress this tip enough. Even though I am good at editing and love it;
I do not add moisture to skin. Whether it be elbows, hands and even knees (if they are showing).
So bring with you a small bottle of moisturizer :-).


-Hair, I'll just be brief with this one. Make sure it's the way you love it.

-Wardrobe, I can fix wardrobe issues in the editing process. To make this process shorter and to get your portraits back even sooner; please inspect your wardrobe for rips, tears,
even stains. Steaming and/or ironing is perfect :-).


-Props. If you have any props please let me know, I'd be happy to incorporate your props.


-Vogue for the camera! Posing is a big part of your session. I do pose my clients, but feel free to share with me ideas. I'd be happy to have fun with your ideas :-).

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